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Latvian National Exhibition


5-7 June, NEC Birmingham

Stand No: G31

Latvia brings tradition of excellence in engineering

The Latvian mechanical engineering and metalworking industry goes back a long way and is a cornerstone of today’s economy. At the beginning of the 20th century, Latvian companies were producing railway carriages, trams, turbines, various types of agricultural machinery, bicycles and a range of different metalworking products. During the 1930s, companies built ships, manufactured cars, buses and lorries; even the production of airplanes was attempted. While in 1960’s the Latvian innovator Janis Robins together with Larry Toriello co-invented the coldbox process for high production coremaking, which Germany’s Daimler-Benz foundry in Mannheim first ran for automotive parts and John Deere Silvas Foundry, IL, first used for mass-production in North America. Today steadily growing number of foreign companies are recognising the benefits of acquiring supply partners, outsourcing production or directly investing in Latvia’s machinery manufacturing and metalworking industry. An educated and well-trained workforce – Latvia’s well-established education system allows professional and shop-floor staff to compete in today’s global market.

Why is Latvia attractive for investors?

Well, there are quite a few reasons. To start , Latvia’s treasure are its people and their skills that make up Latvia’s highly competitive labour force. Did you know that Latvia ranked #3 across the Europe in wage adjusted labour productivity? To add, Latvia has one of the most competitive tax systems in the EU and EFTA, for example, there is 0% tax on reinvested profits and tax rebates for investments in R&D. While the companies operating in one of the five Special Economic Zones in Latvia can benefit from tax rebates like the 80% rebate on corporate tax. The metalworking sector has a long tradition in Latvia, pre-dating the Soviet era and continuing with a number of global companies like Schneider Electric (GER), Axon Cable (FRA), Artex (SWE) choosing Latvia as a base for manufacturing. We are particularly proud of our foreign investor’s success stories who chose to grown their international businesses in Latvia. Being in the middle of the Baltic-Nordic regions means that you can reach Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and CIS countries from one point! And last but not least – Latvia is the technology forward-looking country and we offer Technology transfer grants for public research institutions to turn academic research results into market-ready technologies and products.

Below are the profiles of companies in the Latvia's National Stand who are willing to meet and discuss potential coooperation. Please feel free to contact them directly and arrange the meetings ahead of the Subcon. Also come and say hello to our LIAA sector expert Andris Alksnis ( / +371 29455000) who will be at the LATVIA national stand throughout the exhibition and will not hesitate to make introductions to other participants.

LATVIAN companies @ Subcon 2018


Contact person: Mr Rūdolfs Rinka E-mail: Phone: +371 29616928
Products: Manufacturing machines and parts for various industries such as mining, wood industry, agriculture and material handling. Production of construction steel for commercial, residential and industrial areas. Providing on site assembly works and labour force for rent.

Main markets: Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway.
Technologies: Design services CAD, MIG/MAG/TIG welding, CNC plasma cutting, CNC Shearing, CNC plate and tube bending, Stamping, Sawing, CNC drilling, machining, NDT testing, shot blasting, wet painting, assembly and testing.

Cooperation area: Seeking long-term cooperation in manufacturing of preassembled and fully finished steel structures and products.

Certificates in use: EN1090-2 (EXC2, EXC3), EN 9606, non-destructive tests (NDT)

Contact person: Mr. Gusts Sekacis E-mail: Phone: +371 29273256

Products: Manufacturing of industrial equipment products. Manufacturing: External cases, elevator panels, industrial cabinets and stainless steel parts for food industry. To manufacture parts for food industry and decorative standard parts, we have a separate ‘clean stainless’ production area. Other processing: engineering, 3D visual presentation, part assembling and direct supplying.

Main markets: Denmark, Baltic states, Sweden
Technologies: CNC Laser cutting, CNC Laser + Punching (combi), Tube sawing, Inox & alum surface grinding, MIG/MAG welding, Spotwelding, TIG welding, CNC Sheet metal bending, Organic glass bending, Ceramic shot blasting, Nut inserting, Tapping, Ceramic tumbling, Engeneer services & prototyping

Cooperation area: Manufacturing of clean stainless steel processing equipment for food industry and industrial production, as well as in the area of prototyping and non-standardized production stainless steel equipment. Our premises are equipped with several isolated processing rooms. We have expertise in precise sheet metal production.

Certificates: ISO 9001


Contact person: Mr Guntars Vīksniņš E-mail:  Phone: +371 29331031

Products: Multifarious continers (for transporting, storage, incl. gas cylinders), Material handling equipment for construction industry, spare parts for agricultural, forest and building machines and bespoke assemblies from steel and stainless steel.

Technologies: CNC Laser cutting, Shearing, Sawing, Shield-metal arc welding, MIG/MAG welding, Spotwelding, TIG welding, Tube bending, CNC Sheet metal bending, Roll bending, Shot blasting, Wet painting; Boring

Main markets: Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Germany, Latvia

Cooperation area: Long-term subcontracting possibilities to produce different assemblies and details from steel and stainless steel.

Certificates: EN ISO 10961:2012, EN 1090-1, ISO 9606-1, AQAP-2021 , ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007

Knk Mefab /

Director: Mr Karlis Jansons Email:  Phone: +371 26240596

Main markets: France, England, Sweden, Finland
Products: Manufacturing company specialised in sheet metal fabrication and light profile constrictions. Main products are wardrobe lockers, shop shelves, equipment covers and cabinets, furniture elements, railings, stairs, fences.

Cooperation area: Manufacturing metal products from prototypes till full series.
Technologies: Laser cutting, sheet metal bending, perforation, combined laser-punching,Mag/Mig/Tig/spot welding, threading, thread pressing, powder coating, abrasive blasting, assembly.

Certificates in use: ISO 9001


Contact Person: Mr Nauris Jansons E-mail:  Phone: +371 26603007

Products: we are steel products manufacturer producing parts and assemblies. The focus of the company is on punching, turning, welding and milling parts from simple to complex and precise components, sub-assemblies and final products made of steel, stainless steel, cooper, aluminum and plastics for different industries incl. electronical, off-shore, mechanical engineering, food production, woodworking, construction and other.

Main markets: Sweden, Norway, UK, Latvia
Cooperation area. According to business profile
Technologies: sharpening, CNC punching (perforating), sawing, CNC milling, CNC turning, milling, turning, MIG/MAG welding, spotwelding, TIG welding, sheet metal bending, roll bending


Contact person: Nauris Jansons E-mail: Phone: +371 63082014

Products: Production of Conveyors for different material handling, rock processing machines components, platforms/lifts for car recovery industry, tanks, car transporter components, agricultural equipment, different other welded steel structures.

Main markets: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Technologies: MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, rolling, turning, sawing, punching, shot blasting, wet painting, semi and final assemblies, non-destructive tests (NDT).

Cooperation area: welded steel structures - MIG / TIG welding, production of stainless steel structures including for food industry, drilling, tapping, blasting, painting, assemblies.

Certificates: ISO 9001; EN1090-2 (EXC2); ISO14001 & OHSAS18001

How LIAA can help?

  • One-Stop-Shop for Foreign Investors and Buyers. Investment Facilitation - Assistance in investment location selection and implementation of investment projects: - Provision of all relevant information on business opportunities and investment incentives - Identification of the best real estate options for manufacturing facilities, offices and la- Assistance in establishing and developing contacts with Latvian business partners - Legal assistance with start-up procedures.
  • Follow-up Service Follow-up and ongoing support after implementation of investment or sub-contracting projects.
  • Consultancy and foreign market studies for enterprises in Latvia - Assistance to companies at international exhibitions and trade missions, export promotion campaigns and business matchmaking - Provision of information on workforce availability and skills' evaluation.
  • State Support Programmes - Implementation of a number of state support programmes for the development of entrepreneurship. - Information on EU common market. LIAA operates European Enterprise Network (EEN), providing information about European Union policies, legislation, regulations and trading systems. It also assists in identifying business partners within the EIC network in 68 countries in the world.
  • Foreign representatives

    LIAA international representatives are located in 20 countries around the world, providing a full range of contacts and information on business opportunities in Latvia, including matchmaking, relevant legislation, the taxation system, the national economy and external trade. They specialize in understanding the needs of business in their respective country/region, and thus facilitate close cooperation with Latvian companies.

See you at Subcon 2018!

Watch Latvians accomplish the World’s first human jump with the drone:
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