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Procurement opportunities in Latvia's construction sector

In the recent years the announcements of EU funded investment projects in Latvia have contributed to the growth of demand for the design services. This in turn has opened up new opportunities for specialists from other EU member states to offer their design services in construction sector and take part in the public procurements in Latvia.

The export of services and participation of the EU specialists in Latvia's public procurements is facilitated by the commonly used design standards (Eurocodes), as well as the unified procurement framework. The national construction law is available in English language on the website of the Ministry of Economics - click here. However according to the requirments of public procurement similarly to the other EU Member states, the tenderer will be required to provide the tender in the language of the country in which the service is to be provided, i.e. in Latvian. There is a wide choice of translation services available in Latvia not only in English but other langauges. Take a look at 7 easy steps how to navigate through the website of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau if Latvian is not your native language.

However if you require further asisitance to find the procurements in Latvia's construction sector or would like to receive our recommendations about the translations services in Latvia, please get in touch with us at LIAA office in London ( / +44 (0) 2075631611).

7 steps to navigate through the website of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau

Step 1

To find procurements in construction area you should go to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau home-page –

Step 2

If you are using Google Chrome, you can translate the whole page to English by pressing the right key on computer mouse and click “Translate to English”

Step 3

If not, you can use the Google translate tool, to translate the needed phrases to Latvian language (for example – construction management)

Step 4

Copy the translated phrase in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau home-page.

Step 5

Select the text in the third column (subject-matter of the procurement, winner, sum), copy the title of a Procurement by clicking the right button on computer mouse and choosing “Copy”.

Step 6

Copy the title into the Google translator to translate it.

Step 7

Find the procurement you are interested in and open it to find more information. Use the Google translator tool to translate other parts of procurement.
Additional information about the procurements in Latvia can be found on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal' of the EU, dedicated to European public procurement.

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