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Meet Latvian design companies during

London Design Festival

20 - 22 September

The Latvian taste in colours and materials is rooted in the historic necessity to use home-grown fabrics and dyes, harvested from nature. Because people were obliged to build and furnish their homes, as well as make clothes and tools, they developed a functional and aesthetically harmonious perception of their surroundings, imagination, craft skills and respect for work that is well done.

From 20 - 22 September Latvian design and interior companies will arrive in London and take part in two day trade mission during the London Design Festival week. The variety of products offered by these design companies show how well craft traditions existing in Latvia for centuries can be combined with modern design to create something truly unique and special.

If you are interested to learn more about the Latvian design and would like to approach the Latvian companies for cooperation in the UK market, take a look at the company profiles below and arrange your meetings in London.

Laima Ceramics /

Products: Pottery, china and stone tableware, vases, lamps, kitchenware, tea-pots

Contacts: Laima Grigone / T: +371 28338711 / E:

Angel Glass Design /

Products: Glass tableware

Contacts: Jekaterina Aleksejonoka / M: +37129580594 / E:

Vaidava Ceramics /

Products: Design tableware

Contacts: Miks Balodis / T: +371 26425050 / E:

Rust Me /

Products: Design tableware, bed linen, pottery, candles, home design objects

Contacts: Beāte Stivriņa / T: +371 29256045 / E:

Interieur Solutions /

Products: 3-D Sewing, Quilted Surfaces, Interior Design Services

Contacts: Thomas Auer / T: +371 28 245 847/ E:

Looklins /

Products: Bed linen, furniture, interior design services

Contacts: Imants Rutks / T: +371 28332772 / E:

Roug /

Products: Furniture and shop fitting

Contacts: Uldis Usitis / T: +371 29492520 / E:

For more information about the Latvian design companies visit to London please contact LIAA UK Representative office. Contacts: Alise Pika / T: 02075631611 / E:

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