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Latvians showing what is possible in wood at “TIMBER EXPO 2016’’

October 18-20, Birmingham NEC

STAND No T3/930

Latvian companies at Timber Expo 2016

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia , a state agency for trade promotion, kindly invites you to attend the Latvian Pavilion at the TIMBER EXPO 2016. This year at the Latvian Pavilion you will meet 8 Latvian companies from prefabricated, timber frame, modular and log houses to produce different construction materials, natural wood treatment materials suppliers, as well construction services providers. There are two companies with individual stands too - Vudlande and Gaujas Koks. Most have extensive work experience in the UK market and offer high quality products that make stand out among other exhibitors. Come to the Latvian pavilion and say hello!

Modulart Factory

Modulart is a professional team of engineers, architects, entrepreneurs and environmentalists. We set modular construction, use of renewable resources, technology and sustainability as a standard for our products and future development. Modulart Factory is a producer of modular homes, self sufficient homes, smart homes. Our team will help you create a perfect environment for your family, business, work or other activity. Full range of services in EU. They are looking to work with architects, developers, construction companies for services, holiday park owners, developers for end product, turn key solution.

Products / services: Production of modules using CLT and timber frame. Architectural design, structural engineering & high quality products from the suppliers in the EU.

Main markets: Sweden, Norway, UK.

Contacts: Mr. Raimonds Gusarevs / Phone: + 371 25635580 / Email:


Nordic Homes is one of the largest timber framed modules manufacturers in the Baltic States. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has realised more than 60 projects in the U.K., Latvia and Sweden. Fully finished and fitted modules are ideally placed for major projects in the construction of student dormitories, multi-storey dwellings, public buildings and private houses. Modules are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions and delivered to site with built-in furniture, decorated to a high standard and with all mechanical and electrical services. The company’s innovative, modular technology performs significantly better than traditional forms of construction – particularly in terms of faster returns on investment, greater control on costs, more predictable performance, speed of onsite build and environmental sustainability. Nordic Homes is looking to work with project developers who want to build ecological, energy-efficient and ergonomic, multi-unit buildings using innovative and modern methods of construction.

Products/services: Timber framed modules manufacturing, supply and erect.

Main markets: UK, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Norway, the Netherlands.

Contacts: Pauls Dzintars Kalnins / Phone: +371 6666 3041 /Email:


Prefabricated timber frame houses and prefabricated infill wall elements. The company offers construction and design services, as well as delivery and assemble. They are interested to work with architects, developers, private clients and companies (importers, prefabricated house manufacturers and construction companies).

Products / services: Timber frame houses, holiday houses, exterior infill walls.

Main markets: Sweden, Norway, Germany, France

Contacts: Raimonds Bondars/ Phone: +371 26 454 545 / Email:

The company produces and sells modern, high-quality wood frame houses. You can choose either individual design or pre-designed houses from catalogue. All of pre-fab projects are energy-efficient, air-tight and with built-in high performance windows. Pre-fab houses are fast to build and offer great advantages for large scale real-estate development projects. With more than 10 years experience in construction business and a team consisting of experienced specialists, we will help to implement all your wishes, from the idea to execution. Tesla Houses are looking forward to cooperation with wide range of business partners – private individuals, real estate developers, construction companies, housing associations and municipalities. We are open for cooperation by producing pre-fabricated houses, as well as offer to work togeather on design, engineering, transportation and installation if needed.

Products / services: prefabricated wood panel houses, individual design wood panel houses, passive and near-zero energy houses.

Main markets: Latvia and aiming for UK, Italy, Scandinavia

Contacts: Artis Dzirkalis / Email:

The company "WARSS+" was founded in 2009. We offer all kinds of carpenters work, but we specialize in construction of log buildings and in the arrangement of roofs covers from local building materials (chips of roof and small boards). Looking for partners for product distribution in GB.

Products / services:  Prepared architectural plans for log homes, cabins, saunas, storage sheds and commercial buildings; Construction of log buildings according individual architectural plans (can construct on a laid foundation) and according to own selected architectural plans; from foundation to finish and according to customer specifications; finally we repair and restore log buildings too.

Main markets: Norway, Belgium, Austria.

Contact person: Mr. Ivars Markovskis / Phone: +371 29272185 /Email:

Latvian Latgalian district craft skills successor, and the continuation of the developer applying the latest woodworking technology. The company aims to expand the range of products and services in environmental design, exterior and interior design production.We produce and offer modern and practical wooden fence panels that can be customized to each client's desires and needs – the customer can choose both standard fence solutions and fences with 3D ornamental design articles. We also make unique wooden decorative wall panels, facade panels from plywood, which is an ideal solution for building and home decoration. Gravtex production technology is innovative and we only use high quality timber and plywood boards. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and quality of our products as well as our excellent customer service. Gravtex creations in wood are a stylish design solution for private houses, public spaces, cafes and restaurants etc. ideal for building facades, interiors, ceiling finishes, covered areas and terraces, fences and fencing, radiator covers and balconies or loggias. Gravtex Ltd is interested in cooperation with companies that are potential partners. We are interested to establish and develop cooperation with the United Kingdom. We believe that our products have good sales potential and could prove a good addition to UK market.

Products / services: Decorative wooden wall panels, Decorative fence panels, Fences.

Main markets: Latvia, Finland

Contacts: Santa Blinkova / Phone: +371 26245976 /Email:

Premium Wood is a brand created in Latvia offering a variety of finishing materials and interior decorations of Latvian wood.Our passion is travelling and wildlife watching, which inspires us to create products that combine modern technologies with the constant sincerity and uniqueness of nature. We draw positive emotions from the majesty of forests, brightness of meadows or chilled air at the lakes. Wood from Latvia used for the production of various interior accessories, furniture or decoration materials, has been known for its quality for a long time, not only in our country but also abroad. Decorative 3D panels, wall tiles and other products manufactured by Premium Wood will perfectly complement the modern cool and minimalist interiors, as well as will successfully fit into historical or classically modern interiors. Premium Wood. Inspired by nature. Designed for true sensations.

Products / services: 3D wall panels are a unique premium product because their true value is the material which retains the flowing texture and the natural smell of wood without any varnish, paint or other treatment.

Main markets: Latvia, Finland.

Contacts: Karīna Krivade / Phone: +371 27226777 / Email:


PAINT ECO=natural wood finishes. LINUM COLOR Ltd. is the only manufacturer of natural Boiled Linseed Oil, Floor oil, Stains, Paints and Waxes in the Baltic States. PAINT ECO brand combines 10 years of experience in extraction of different vegetable oils with centuries-old knowledge about natural paints.LINUM COLORS are looking for distributors: agents working in construction field (preferable with eco-paints); specialised paint shops and home improvement retailers. During the Timber Expo they are interested to meet manufacturers of log houses, wooden houses, builders, construction planners, restorers (old wooden buildings, historical monuments), paint manufacturers who would like to expand their product range, manufacturers of furniture (for indoors, gardens; children furniture etc.), architects, landscape architects, designers, interior designers, manufacturers of children’s toys.

Products / services: Manufacturer of natural boiled linseed oil, floor oil, stains, paints and waxes

Main markets: Baltic States, Germany, Scandinavia

Contacts: Ms. Ilze Hofmane / Phone: +371 26 690 549 /Email:

Latvian companies with individual stands


Stand T3/320

The Vudlande Sawmill is a leading Latvian sawmill, which was built using the latest in sawmilling technology from Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Products / services:  Roofing, Softwood Lumber, Timber Frame

Contacts: Phone + 371 2638 6984

Gaujas Koks

Stand T3/517

Gaujas Koks Ltd has 25 years of experience in manufacturing top quality timber products with two major sawmills with a total output of 300,000m3 of finished products, is now claiming to become the leading manufacturer of most cost effective CLT panels.

Products / services:  Glulam & CLT, Offsite Solutions, Softwood Lumber

Contacts: Phone + 371 2638 6984

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