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Latvian startups ready for

Unbound London

19 & 20 July @Old Truman Brewery

In less than two week the Latvian startups will arrive in London to participate in the innovation festival Unbound London from 19th -20th July. Located in the East London's creative arts and media quarter in the Old Truman Brewery, the two day event will bring together more than 5,000 founders, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate & brand executives connecting with disruptive technology, products and services. For Latvia this will be the first year of participation and there will be 9 Latvian startups represented in the individual booths at Unbound London. Following the trail of already successful Latvian startups like Infogram, Bitfury, Edurio we invite you to come along to Unbound London and find out what's the buzz about in the Baltics.

The event will also have the representatives from the Latvian Startup Assocation whose chairwoman Jekaterina Novicka, will be speaking on one of the panels this year and Olga Babina, the Chief Start-up Instigator from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Considering the recent adoption of the innovative Law on Aid for Start-up Companies in Latvia, Jekaterina will no doubt have interesting updates for the Unbound audience. In her own words the Latvian Start-up ecosystem becomes stronger and "as tech business representatives, we believe in our talented people, the knowledge and business experience that makes possible the ambition to become the number one choice for start-ups in the region.”

What is the startup law about?

To begin Latvia is aiming to support the growing Latvian startups ecosystem and turning the country into a more attractive base for both startups and investors. To do that on January 1, 2017, the Latvian parliament approved an innovative new law to create a tax regime, that will effectively double venture capital investors’ money in young Latvian startups. The law introduces two tax plans for startups:

1. Special flat tax regime with limited social benefits currently of €252 (GBP 222) per month, regardless of salary paid, up to a monthly salary of €4,050 (GBP 3581).

2. For highly qualified employees with a PhD or Master's degree, or more than five years' experience, there's a new tax regime where all social and personal taxes are covered by the state, and these employees receive full social benefits.

To read the law in English please click here or to find out more about he blossoming Latvian startup ecosystem and StartinLatvia Welcome Pack download here the first StartinLV magazine! Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) implements the Law on Aid for Start-up Companies and provides pro-active support to the Latvian startup ecosystem. Email: Olga Babina /

Moreover Latvia's startup community is based in the vibrant Baltic capital Riga and there are plenty of hubs (Tech Hub Riga, The Mills), accelerators (Startup Wise Guys, Commercialization Reactor),incubators (Green Technology Incubator) and startup events (TechChill, Riga Venture Summit and Digital Freedom Festival)all year round to keep an eye on.

Take a look at the profiles of the Latvian startups at Unbound and book your meeting with them, as well as the Latvian Startup Association. For more information about the Latvian startups in Unbound please contact Ms Alise Pika: / 02075631611.

The profiles of the Latvian startups @Unbound.

ECOM 2.0 - Cloud based SaaS e-commerce software that delivers a high-end experience both for merchants and customers. Email: Alekandrs Svaikovs /

Furnny - Augmented Reality sales solution who’s main focus is to increase producer’s sales on e-commerce platforms and help consumers visualize products in real time from the comforts of their home.

Email: Aldis Blicsons /

Garage Hive (Elva DMS) - All-in-one cloud business application for independent vehicle service centres. Our technology empowers small and medium businesses to become more efficient in the operations and achieve much better engagement with their customers. Email: Raimonds Dilsons /

Orocon - Cloud collaboration platform solution, CRM system with ERP functions and mobile app providing system for discrepancy and automatic composing of defective acts with tasks and control on the construction site. Email: Aleksandrs Svaikovs /

Ovaho - Web based service providing detailed information about the interior, exterior and location of your property. By combining professional photos, 360 panoramas, videos & interactive 3D plans anyone can now visit your property from the comfort of their home or office. Email: Konstantin Margolis /

Rention - Universal Billing system. to save time on paying daily bills. Forget about paying bills through the Internet bank, do in one click in web or mobile app and pay directly from your bank card.

Email: Alex Zelinsky /

Resico - Cloud based inventory management system for retail and bareca businesses, as well as makes enterprise grade software accessible for small and medium businesses.

Email: Kristaps Lazdāns /

Robotic Solutions - A marker-based system that� delivers precise indoor localization. A group of scientists and a strong technical team that won robotics competitions in Japan are developing self-driving kit to better fleet managemnt. Email: Matīss Brunavs <

Vividly -  Vividly is new generation VR platform for presenting architecture design work in juicy and stylish way. Email: Alina Dolmate /

Latvian Start-up Association  promotes Latvian startup scene, connects it to the world, represents its interests, fosters mutual respect and promotes understanding about startups in Latvia.

Email: Alona Belinksa /

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