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Latvian engineering companies taking part in Subcon 2016 at 

Birmingham NEC

7 -9 June, 2016

On June 7-9, 2016 it will be 10th year since LIAA will organise participation of Latvian engineering companies in National stand of Latvia at the International Exhibition Subcon 2016 in Birmingham, UK. Subcon is the UK’s premier manufacturing supply chain show, dedicated to subcontracting and outsourced engineering services. The show has been designed to connect buyers with suppliers across manufacturing supply chains.

The Latvian mechanical engineering and metalworking industry goes back a long way and is a cornerstone of today’s economy. A steadily growing number of foreign companies are recognising the benefits of acquiring supply partners, outsourcing production or directly investing in Latvia’s machinery manufacturing and metalworking industry. The industry spans the whole range from traditional methods to the very latest engineering technologies. Long-standing traditions mean that metal processing and engineering has historically been one of Latvia’s leading industrial branches. Since the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, and continuing into the 21st century, Latvia has continuously been an important centre of manufacturing in the Baltic region. Capital city Riga was and still is the most important industrial centre in the three Baltic States.

Latvia does not have its own natural resources important for industry (metal ores, coal or gas). Most metal resources are imported from Russia, Sweden and Finland. All the main metal production companies have their own sales and distribution divisions in Latvia with metal service centres. Taking advantage of Latvia’s geographical location (non-freezing ports, good railway and logistics infrastructure), most of these companies use Latvia as a regional distribution hub for the whole Baltic and Scandinavian region. During the last few years, a number of European Union Structural Fund entrepreneurship-support programmes devoted to the invention of new technologies and renovation of infrastructure have been implemented under the supervision of Latvia’s Ministry of Economics. Many companies have used such funding to purchase new, advanced and up-to-date machinery and equipment, as well as for international marketing, participation in trade shows and individual sales trips. The most competitive sub-sectors are mechanical treatment, machine design and manufacturing of various types of machinery, manufacture of non-standard equipment, and ship building. The industry has a role in the production of a variety of equipment for other newly developed industries such as precision machining, the reproduction of renewable resources, wind-power generating equipment, automation, robotics and other new technologies.

PROFILES of COMPANIES at Latvia's national stand Nr. E 91

AT Tērauds

Contact person: Mr Toms Āboltiņš E-mail: Phone: +371 29207378

Products: * territorial gates (sliding, swing);* steel railings; * steel stairs; * safes (strongboxes); * steel products for territorial improvement (benches, garbage containers, bicycle stands, grills, sheds, shelters, etc.); * components (accessories) for agriculture machinery; * non-standard steel products etc.

Main markets: Latvia, Sweden, Finland, UK

Technologies: shot blasting, roll bending, MIG/MAG welding, sawing, shearing, drilling, laser-cutting/plasma-cutting, stainless steel treatment, wet painting, powder coating, hot-dip galvanization

Cooperation area: welding, sawing, drilling, cutting, powder coating of steel products, non-standard steel construction production

Contact person: Mrs. Marina Obrazcova E-mail: Phone: +371 29117182

Products: Rešitilovs is an original equipment manufacturer for decentralized domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater management, aimed to provide clean water for reuse and safe discharge to the environment. The company offers stainless steel products starting with single piece of equipment till fully integrated entire solution. The plants range is from 1 up to 20 000 m3/day serving from 5 up to 100 000 people.

Technologies: The company uses its own developed technologies and processes to offer high quality ready-to-use package solutions of stainless steel made. Over the years they have installed 1420 wastewater treatment plants and implemented 1170 projects in 23 countries worldwide. They are members of International Water Association.

Main markets: Europe, CIS countries, Canada, USA

Cooperation area: Engineering/ Consulting/ Construction companies who are executing wastewater treatment projects. Sales and service companies active in water/ wastewater projects. Construction companies/ End users looking for subcontractor with capability to manufacture stainless steel goods

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Contact person: Mr Nauris Jansons E-mail: Phone: +371 26603007

Products: Production of Conveyors for different material handling, rock processing machines components, platforms/lifts for car recovery industry, tanks, car transporter components, agricultural equipment, different other welded steel structures.

Main markets: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Technologies: MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, rolling, turning, sawing, punching, shot blasting, wet painting, semi and final assemblies, non-destructive tests (NDT).

Cooperation area: welded steel structures - MIG / TIG welding, production of stainless steel structures including for food industry, drilling, tapping, blasting, painting, assemblies.

Certificates: ISO 9001; EN1090-2 (EXC2); ISO14001 & OHSAS18001


Contact person: Mr. Gunars Ziedonis E-mail: Phone: +371 26882259

Products: Production company manufacturing different steel structures and components against customer specification in short delivery times.

Main markets: Netherlands, England, Estonia, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Latvia.
Technologies: MIG/MAG, TIG welding for mild and stainless steel, CNC Laser cutting, CNC sheet metal bending, CNC milling, turning, sawing, drilling, rolling, shot blasting, wet painting, final assemblies.

Cooperation area: Manufacturing of welded steel structures for mild and stainless steel, welding, cutting, turning, milling, painting, final assemblies.

Certificates: ISO 9001; EN1090

EHT Fabrik

Contact person: Mr. Gusts Sekacis  E-mail: Phone: +371 29273256

Products: Manufacturing of industrial equipment products. Manufacturing: External cases, elevator panels, industrial cabinets and stainless steel parts for food industry. To manufacture parts for food industry and decorative standard parts, we have a separate ‘clean stainless’ production area. Other processing: engineering, 3D visual presentation, part assembling and direct supplying.

Main markets: Denmark, Baltic states, Sweden
Technologies: CNC Laser cutting, CNC Laser + Punching (combi), Tube sawing, Inox & alum surface grinding, MIG/MAG welding, Spotwelding, TIG welding, CNC Sheet metal bending, Organic glass bending, Ceramic shot blasting, Nut inserting, Tapping, Ceramic tumbling, Engeneer services & prototyping

Cooperation area: Manufacturing of clean stainless steel processing equipment for food industry and industrial production, as well as in the area of prototyping and non-standardized production stainless steel equipment. Our premises are equipped with several isolated processing rooms. We have expertise in precise sheet metal production

Certificates: ISO 9001


Contact person: Mr Rolf Erik Thorkildsen E-mail: Phone: +47 40289220

Products: Nodular and grey iron castings for various applications. Casting weight up to 100 kg. Machining of raw castings and surface treatment. Sand-based machine moulding line +GF+ with flask size 600x700x300/300. Annual capacity 3500 tons. The strength of the foundry consists of efficiency and flexibility based on small and medium sized series. Our pattern shop offer prototyping,simulation and competitive model design based on 3D technology and skilled craftsmanship.

Main markets: Norway, Sweden, Finland

Technologies: Rapid prototyping, Design services CAD, Production of stamps, Design of stamps, Iron casting, Surface grinding, 3D coordinate measuring (CMM), Chemical composition tests of metal, Mechanical property tests of metal, Non-destructive tests (NDT), Shot blasting, Wet painting, Machining.

Cooperation area: Manufacturing of nodular and grey iron castings for various applications

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. Approved manufacturer by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register.


Contact person: Mr Aivars Peisenieks E-mail:   Phone: +371 26411545

Services/Products: Cable harnesses. Assembly of electronic and mechanical parts and products

Capabilities:Processing of discrete wires, coaxial, multiconductor, power, battery and other cables; Semi automatic crimping of wire and cable terminals, strip or loose piece; Manual soldering, in accordance to IPC requirements; PCB assembly; Coating, encapsulation, potting; Assembly of parts and products: sensors, trip meters, arms and harnesses for material handling equipment, joysticks, switches, fuel heaters and other electromechanical devices; Engineering,Testing & programming.

Main markets: Sweden, Germany, UK

Cooperation area: Production of cable harnesses, specific & customized assembly of parts, encapsulation (potting) services for automotive, telecommunication, medical and military industries.

Certificates: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620.

Individual stand No. F64


Contact person: Mr Viktor Kononov E-mail:  Phone: +371 29275973

Services/Products: Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), PCB assembling,  contract manufacturing of modules and appliances.

Capabilities: Fully automated SMD assembly up to 40000 cph; BGA, Micro BGA, CSP,  0201 assembly; Conventional THT Manual Assembly; Mixed technologies assembly; Manual assembling and soldering; Wave/selective soldering; Conformal coating; AOI,ICT, functional testing; Final assembling

Main markets: Sweden, Norway, Germany , Denmark, UK

Cooperation area: Production of electronics, PCB assembling, assembling of modules for automotive industry, telecommunications and industrial automation.

Certificates: ISO 9001: 2008 ; ISO 14001:2004

Individual stand No. B37


Contact person: Mr Guntars Vīksniņš E-mail:  Phone: +371 29331031

Products: Multifarious continers (for transporting, storage, incl. gas cylinders), Material handling equipment for construction industry, spare parts for agricultural, forest and building machines and bespoke assemblies from steel and stainless steel.

Technologies: CNC Laser cutting, Shearing, Sawing, Shield-metal arc welding, MIG/MAG welding, Spotwelding, TIG welding, Tube bending, CNC Sheet metal bending, Roll bending, Shot blasting, Wet painting; Boring

Main markets: Belgium, USA, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Germany, Latvia

Cooperation area: Long-term subcontracting possibilities to produce different assemblies and details from steel and stainless steel.

Certificates: EN ISO 10961:2012, EN 1090-1, ISO 9606-1, AQAP-2021 , ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007


Investment in the sector has always been a key interest and support point for Latvian governments. Investment in new technologies, in the production of new, competitive products and in knowledge-based production have always been acknowledged, including by tax discounts and rebates. The following are examples of foreign investment success stories, mainly from traditional FDI countries such as Sweden and Germany.

The AKG Group (Autokuhler GmbH & Co. KG) ( from Germany has established a subsidiary company in Jelgava, AKG Thermotechnik Lettland, which has opened a new production facility for manufacturing heat-exchange units and radiators.
Axon Cable, a subsidiary of the AXON Group produces cables and cable assemblies for automotive, telecommunications, computing, military and medical electronic equipment. The company was established in 2000 and is located in Daugavpils, 250 km south east of Riga. (
Brabantia ( from the Netherlands, a manufacturer of household goods, has established a subsidiary company in Talsi, Brabantia Latvia, using automotive conveyor assembling and CNC-machine technologies.
Bucher Automotive AG (, a Swiss-owned German company, has established a subsidiary company in Ventspils, Bucher-Schoerling Baltic, with a new truck assembly plant for the production of municipal street-sweeping vehicles.
Dinex AS ( has established a subsidiary company in Jelgava, Dinex Latvia, for the production of exhaust systems for trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles.
LEAX AB from Sweden ( has established two production units in the Riga region and in Rēzekne as its subsidiary company LEAX BALTIX, for the machining of metal parts for gearboxes and transmission used in trucks and buses made by Sweden.
Lesjofors AB ( from Sweden established a subsidiary company in Liepaja, Lesjofors Springs LV, to produce springs, retaining rings and strip components.
Sperre Group AS ( from Norway has established a subsidiary company in Riga, Sperre Baltic, as a supplier of ferrous castings.
Torgy Mek Industry (, a leading Norwegian manufacturer of pipe and pipelines fastenings, has established a subsidiary company in Jelgava, Torgy Baltic, to produce pipe-clamps for oil and gas industry needs.
Trelleborg AB ( from Sweden has established a subsidiary company in Liepaja, Trelleborg Wheel Systems, for the manufacture of wheel discs.
Ziegler GmbH from Germany ( has established a subsidiary company in Daugavpils, Zieglera Mašīnbūve, for the production of agricultural machinery and high-tech, airbag-cabling systems for BMW, VW, Ford, AUDI and SAAB.

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