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Latvia @ VISION 2017

Stand: 126


The future of the built enviroment

6-7 June in Olympia London

Vision 2017 is the UK's premier built environment event, offering industry intelligence on products, materials, trends and technology across the market. Aimed at architects, designers, specifiers and their clients, Vision 2017 provides an international focus for innovative products and building solutions, bringing together some of the best designs and leading figures from across Western Europe. Latvian companies are looking forward to be part of the exhibition for the first time and will be present at LIAA stand 126. Scroll down to see their profiles!

What is Latvian design? The distinct Latvian style has always separated the Latvian understanding of what is beautiful from that of neighbours near and far. In short, Latvians themselves would like to think that their design boils down to the right choice of material, form and function. Latvians have always preffered natural materials. The lavish spread of forests has always been the main source for buildings, interior design and household objects. Everything composite and synthetic has historically been introduced by foreigners, which is of course no longer true in modern times. Modern Latvian design dates back to the Art Noveau craze in early 20th century. First educated Latvian architects and designers preferred everything custom-made in protest to mass production. Electronic appliances by VEF (State Electrotechnical Factory) brought the flair of Art Deco to most every household in the country. The smallest camera at the time MINOX was designed by Valters Caps and mass produced by VEF in Latvia. It has been preferred by holiday-goers and a favourite of spies around the globe. Fast foward to today, Latvians have been heavily influenced by the developements in the international design and have adopted techniques, materials and products, which make them competitive around the world

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia will take part in the exhibition for the first time to showcase the products and building solutions from Latvia. Have a look at the profiles of Latvian companies below and make sure you book a meeting with the participants either directly or through The Meeting Programme. LIAA sector expert Filips Talbergs ( will be at the stand throughout the show and will make introductions, as well as answer any questions you might have about the Latvian companies and industry.

Entry is free of charge when you register in advance and you’ll gain direct access to multiple entries across both days at Vision 2017. We look forward to seeing you soon at LIAA stand: 126 !

Contact person: Santa Blinkova (Managing Director) /Phone: +371 26245976 /Email:

Business profile: Products / services: Decorative wall panels, 3D wall panels, Decorative fence panels, fences. Co-operation interests: Gravtex Ltd, a company in Latvia that are offering an exciting new product to the Home and Garden sector of the market. We specialise in the production of decorative wooden fence panels and decorative wall panels. Wall panels provide a creative solution for any individual interior. They are not only unique quality, but potentionally more attractive decor solution. Decorative wall panels can be used in any room to cover any surface at the same time creating a fabulous design.Wall panels bring your walls to life with modern and contemporary textured wall design. We believe that these panels have good sales potential and could prove a good addition to architects, designers, design studios as an offer to the customers. We are also interested in cooperation with agents, distributors, retailers and of course every end consumer, - our dear costumers! Main markets: Latvia, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania

Contact person: Aigars Paegle (Managing Director) / Phone: 371 26668842 / Email:

Business profile: Playgrounds, Sport and Garden Furniture, Playground construction & equipment. Co-operation interests: Designers, architects, construction companies focusing on outdoor space and playground construction. Main markets: UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic

Contact person: Kristaps Ērkšķis (Export manager)/ Phone: +371 27332258 / Email: 

Business profile: Interior fixture manufacturer. La Lampa is a modern and functional brand of design lamps. The company offers high quality lamps – for households, workplaces and public interiors. Our lighting is unique because of the colorful textiles, plastics and differently shaped frame constructions we use. Our range includes a Create Your Own Design section, where customers as well partners can fully develop their own ideas and make their one of the kind lighting fixture. La Lampa works closely with architects and designers, as a result we deliver exceptional quality and unique lamps.Each lamp is handmade and 100 % manufactured in EU. Co-operation interests: Seeking cooperation with such sector representatives as: Professional architects/interior planners and distributors for design products, project developers, lighting market retailers as well we can consider potential cooperation with lighting agents. Certificates in use: CE

Main markets: Latvia, Estonia

Contact person: Dainis Bonda (CEO) / Phone: +371 27725227 / Email:

Business profile: Company «RUBRIG» is a producer of rubber safety flooring with anti-shock properties, EN1177 tested (TUV-NORD) made of recycled rubber SBR and new rubber EPDM compounded on polyurethane basis. The company has launched a new factory in Latvia in July 2016 which is the newest production of rubber tiles in Europe. The flagship product of the new enterprise are safety rubber tiles of different sizes and thickness and rubber spheres and hemispheres as well as cubes for sports, children's and other outdoor and indoor infrastructure objects. Taking into account the growing trend to equip urban and recreational areas, architectural and cultural sites with fall-injury reducing and durable flooring, «RUBRIG» offers the collection of original design patterns for various natural and architectonic ambience. Waves (a trace of a wave in the sand), Cracked earth (surface of the earth), Sun tree (an ethnic symbol of continuous growth), Viewpoint (a geometric pattern with optical effect).

Contact person: Jana Zubricka (Director) / Phone: +371 20010062 /E-mail:

Business profile: All about Glass! Glass and mirror cutting and processing, design, planning work, installation, delivery. We do all kinds of sheet glass, Interior mirrors, Kitchen glass panels, Table surface, Glass doors, Sauna Doors, Furnishing glass doors, Glass bath wall, Glass shower enclosures, LED mirrors, Glass partitions, Balcony railing. Cooperation interest: Private-label, international sales Retail chains, end costumer, architects, tenders Main markets: Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Island, Lithuania, Estonia, France, Latvia.

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