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Introduction to Daugavpils: 

Meet the local companies

IV International East Baltic Business Forum 

2 - 3 June, 2016 in Daugavpils, Latvia

Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia. It is located approximately 230 km south-east from the Riga, on the banks of the River Daugava, from which the city got its name. It is located on the crossroads of railways taking goods daily from the East to West and have made the city one the main industrial centres in Latvia since 19th century. Historically the busy railway line meant that frequent repairs of the rolling stock were also needed. Today we know that this was the beginning of the engineering industry in Daugavpils now employing more than 3000 people. The favourable geographical location is still the most important factor for development of the city. There are several metal-processing enterprises in Daugavpils, food production and well developed light industries. Small and medium-sized businesses are actively participating in the economy of the city. Welcoming people and unspoiled nature just add to this unique place in Eastern Latvia. 

Need an excuse to visit and explore? 

From June 2-3 Daugavpils City Council and LIAA are organising the IV International East Baltic Business Forum in Daugavpils to highlight some of the new business opportunities in the region. The guests are expected to arrive from the neighbouring countries of the Baltic States, Belarussia & Russia, Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, France, the UK and others.

To see latest agenda click here and register by sending an email to Ms Alise Pika (

The organisers also offer to cover guests accommodation costs during their stay in Daugavpils.

The story of Axon Cable (France)

The manufacturing facility in Latvia produces for aircraft giants Airbus and Boeing, among other clients. In its fifteenth year of operations in Latvia, the company’s annual turnover for this facility in 2014 was 24 million euro.

Daugavpils in numbers

  • "Northern industrial zone" with 117 ha and 38 building is the largest industrial area in the city
  • Nearby TEN-T motorway E262 connecting to cities in Lithuania and Russia 
  • 5 cargo  and 2 passenger railway lines connect investment zones of the region 
  • Industrial area rents from 0,2 EUR/m and land areas available starting from100m2 till 30 000 m2
  • Office/resident rent 1 m² 2 EUR –7 EUR monthly
  • Skilled workforce monthly gross salary 1000-1400 EUR (engineer, planner, IT specialist, CNC worker welder etc.)
  • 7670 students in 10 high schools and 5 professional schools (2014/2015)
  • There are plans for airport redevelopment 12km from the city 

Daugavpils companies by sector

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